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AAA Quality Sci-Fi Tile Set 

Usually £14.99 now £7.99

If you would like to create games like R Type / Turrican then these R Type / Turrican / Rygar /  universal soldier / Gradius-inspired Tile Set is just for you. 

Over 2000 !! Tiles for your Sci-fi / space platform or shooter.

You won't get a better price for the amount of AAA quality Tiles !!

Includes 2 start-up Scenes

Previously £14.99!

Includes animated tiles

NB: These have been  re worked because someone complained they look too much like the originals !!.. (I took this as a compliment)

TIP :  if your looking for an 8-bit version of these tiles all you have to do is make the camera nearer, this makes it look like it's zoomed in or lower resolution, same if you want a 32/64 bit look if the camera is further away it looks better quality!

download these FREE TOOLS from UNITY including Animated Tiles 



Buy Now£7.99 GBP or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £7.99 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

Sci fi Tile Set.unitypackage 2 MB

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Hello! I purchased this asset a few months ago, and found that the BackGround.PNG (640x2545) size is wrong when using it, and some tiles are not in the 32x32 grid. Can you fix it, thank you.

I will look into it,are you using unity or another engine?

I use my own engine. Thank you.

I have emailed you them, They work OK in Unity which is what they're designed for, but PNG's should be able to load into other engines without a problem. I also sent you  Sci Fi Pack 2 for FREE. I hope they work for .

Hello, I have received your file. The content is correct. Thank you for your gift (Sci Fi Pack 2). I have purchased this series before. They are really great assets. thank you.

Ok,that's good news!.. is there any of my assets that you would like since you've already got that particular one?

Can you give me your email address please.

I have sent it to your mailbox. fl******@gmail.com

Hi, i bought the "2 For the price of 1" bundle and i have no use for the unity packages, could you send me the png of the 2 asset packs please?

yes,of course

I can't find  your email address for me to send you the PNGs please email me @



Hello! I've just purchased the pack. I only see Unity package, but I use Game Maker Studio 2. Do you have PNG spritesheets of the assets?

Thank you!

I do ,I will email you them within 12 hours.

can you please let me know if you have received my email, thanks

Hello. E-mail received! Thank you very much, your assets are amazing!

Regards :)