A downloadable game

Times Of Heresy.

Go in to the Medievil Castle, and
Find the Key to open the Door that
allows you to enter the Den of thieves. There you will find Horrible
Monsters and Orcs that must be killed.  Beware they have put curses on inocent victims that have turned them into blood crazed zombies that will not think twice to kill you.

You have your trusty Claymore
and there are Magic Weapons that can be found and picked up in the castle that will help your quest.

May GOD be with you my Son.

Use Arrow Keys and Left Mouse
Button for Spell Weapons
& Right Mouse Button for Sword.

Use Right Shift to walk a little FASTER

This game is still in development

PLEASE, PLEASE report ANY BUGS you find!!

Install instructions

Download & Unzipped file and run  Times Of Heresy.exe


Times Of Heresy.rar 267 MB


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You should remove this background image because its causing confusion in what I see.  Too much on the screen keep it simple so it is easier to recognise.

yes your right, I had the same thought.lol

I need to take longer on the themes in future.