A downloadable game for Windows

Game Prototype  Playable (DEMO)

Level 1 finished but needs extra work

*****************         Players Erika is Working   **************

othesr not stable

NB Grenvel   charachter Fireball weapon working

Please leave feedback if you like it

Unzip Gauntlet

and run gauntlet.exe

Arrow keys to moves left mouse button to shoot right shift key to move faster

Xbox one controller compatible A button to shoot

If you get stuck you need to kill the skeleton to be able to find the key then find the potion to be able to break down castle door.

any crates are destructable.

All Charachters are playable 

Please ...please ...tell me what bugs are in it and what improvements are needed, it's you guys are the best testers for game developers.

Thank you


Gauntlet.rar 352 MB

Install instructions

just unzip the gauntlet and run. The  .exe file

Development log

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